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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blue & Gold Macaws

Daria, of Coral Gables, sent me a pic of her back yard....


"There are 28 blue and golds in this feral
flock in S. Miami and 9 to eleven show up at my feeder everyday.

Thanks, Daria"

The B&Gs ( Ara ararauna ) originate from Central America to Northern S. America. They can grow to almost 3 feet in length, beak, to tail. They can be "great talkers", but not as good in "context", as some of the Conures, Amazons, or the Quaker Parrot/Monk Parrakeet. Avg. weight 900-1230 grms.Wing span, 41-45 inches in length.

She, also, included this pic, but didn't add info about the beautiful critter.


Here are more pics from Daria.